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The concept of “wood” as the 21st century material for tailor made is being used again and again in many occasions in the world of architecture; as mentioned by one of its leader, Architect Matteo Thun, guest at at Think Next by Franke, a meeting wanted by Franke CEO, Alexander Zschokke. Stretching from the themes shared in the industry of food, show cooking and surroundings, it emerges very clearly that wood has not yet set.

On the contrary, the desire for uniqueness, for a use of materials which have a warm soul, the need for personalization, the respect for nature and the its cycles, reflects the same in the world of tailor made kitchens; placing wood, the real one, as the king of “new” materials.

Our new kitchen cabinet doors with Natural Essence finishing: mod_FLAT smoked oak (left) - mod_FLAT smoked mahogany (right)

Following this big trend, we note how, over the last decade, research on wood, on its treatments and finishes has made it possible to extend the range of wood products in terms of aesthetic, as well as increasing its required performance. Smoked woods or thermowoods, fossil woods, not to mention the veneers of poor wood embellished with impregnation effects, new ranges of more and more sophisticated decorative composite wood surfaces which provide an ever richer palette of choice and which are able to respond to various application and needs to satisfy senses.

Important results are being achieved in many fields of product research and in the subject of sustainability of finishes. Starting from parquet-flooring and passing through most of wooden products, the world of applied wood is achieving important results that guarantee an excellent relationship between strength and naturalness.

Our new kitchen cabinet doors with Natural Essence finishing: mod_FLAT knotty oak multilayer (left) - mod_LOFT knotty oak solid (right)

All the features of real wood, with its nature of sensory, reality and life, its warm tones, scents and tactile pleasantness are more and more present in modern furniture and kitchens. All the characteristics which everyone who enjoy authentic beauty is always more inclined. All that finds us in a complete and perfect matching harmony and we are glad to introduce you some products which interpret our idea of natural elegance.

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