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Company Products Design & Planning

Living material

The cut slab of solid wood remains a living material.

Variations in temperature or humidity can cause contractions or expansions if the wood hasn’t been

dried correctly or if it hasn’t been assembled with the right techniques.

We have a profound knowledge of the different types of wood we have been working with for many

years, we know the reaction to different environmental conditions and work with well-tested

techniques and production processes.



The wooden furniture gets lacquered, intending it is covered with a very thin layer called “finishing”

coating which protects the wood from humidity, light, dirt and damages due to everyday use. The

finishing coat also gives character to the surface enhancing its aesthetical qualities.

Our finishes undergo specific tests to guarantee the following parameters:


Adhesion (UNI EN ISO 2409:2007)

The primary feature of a good finishing is its perfect adhesion to the wooden surface: this is the only

way a genuine protection can be guaranteed.


Resistance to LIGHT (UNI EN 15187:2007)

Light can quickly affect the colour of wood therefore it is our duty to give it a long lasting protection

and preservation.


Resistance to SCRATCHES (UNI 9428:1989)

Our doors are painted and coated knowing of the inevitable damages everyday use causes.


Cleaning and polishing

The beauty and value of wood can be preserved if they are regularly cleaned. Accumulated grease

and dirt can, in fact, damage and weaken the finishing, reducing the life of your furniture.

Use a soft cotton cloth wet with water or a specific wood polish and gently follow the direction of the


Cleaning the wood with dry cloths can cause scratches; aggressive and solvent-based home

cleaning products are absolutely to be avoided.