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Our grandfathers didn’t have to wonder if their furniture was made from real solid wood, it definitely was.

With the passing of time, technology and growing markets opened up new horizons and brought extraordinary

new possibilities in the field of wood processing.

To us, still today, working with real wood is a certainty. To our customers, it is a choice.

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News about production of kitchen cabinet doors made in italy


Producing wooden kitchen cabinet doors and accessories is our specialty.

Working wood has been our passion for 50 years.

Providing added value to our customers is our daily commitment.


Our productive process starts from the working of the solid wood slab and ends with a coated finished front door.

We manage to keep high-qualitative standards by up-to-date technologies and specialized personnel with more than 20 years of experience.

Today we have the honor to serve some of the most known italian kitchen manufacturers.


Our wooden front doors and complementary accessories are fully made in Italy, reflecting the typical italian products' value and beauty.


The Design&Planning Department is the core of our organization. The Technical Office and the Development Centre work together to fully satisfy any client's request of customization and to solve every possibile tecnhical or product optimization problem.


Kitchen Manufacturers

We can make tailor-suited customed wooden front doors: kitchens will outstand competitors' ones for quality, beauty, reliability and safety.


Architects & Designers

who are involved in the realization of residential complexes and resorts: our technicians will support them in the design of their very own wooden front doors and accessories, to add uniqueness and personal style to the environment they are designing.


Resellers and wholesalers

of components for the european furniture industry: they can choose amongst our product portfolio or define new customized kitchen front

doors to add them in their catalogues.


Mengucci Selection answers to the new needs of the market: ranges of high-added value wooden front doors and accessories already in stock, coated and finished in the purposed qualities.

The proper solution to those kitchen manufacturers that want to widen their range of models without having to increase their stocks. Also an answer to resellers, wholesalers and Kitchen Studios.


Wood is a natural, re-usable material, and wooden front doors last and don't modify as time passes by. We love wood.

That's why we keep an attentive eye to the environment. That's why 50% of the energy we need is obtained from a roof-integrated photovoltaic system.

That's why we have been using raw wood working wastes to heat our factory in winter for 20 years. Last but not least, all of our coating and finishing processes are tested and guaranteed.